Bali Private Tour

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You may just let us plan the itinerary for you

We understand how to run a wonderful private land tour in Bali especially for couples, big or small groups and family that need extra care and get the best out of the holidays. Our team will put their soul and heart when come to understand your needs and make sure you enjoy a safe, fruitful and memorable journey with us.

Customised and Personalised Tour Package

Full control over your hands

* Personalised and local host guided tour and package
* Multi days private land tour and package
* Full day tour
* Wedding and photographing charter

Why Visit Bali with New MST Transport Holiday

Whom is always there when you need help or assistant

* We have proven record in managing private tour packages in Singapore and Malaysia. We offer a total solution when comes to travel abroad
* Save your time in researching online to plan out your itinerary when you don’t even have the time
* Travel with Family or group and need assurance for everything
* Someone whom is experience to provide you all the tips and advise
* Whom is always there when you need help or assistant
* Fully accredited Travel Agency and proven excellent service provided that can speak and understand your language, be it in English, Mandarin or Malay!

Private Tour Package

When you just want to fly over Bali, we manage the rest for you

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